Redeemer Radio, Catholic Radio 1450 AM, has completed its first two months of operation, broadcasting the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. The response from listeners has been tremendous. Priests have noted that they listen on a regular basis and that the station is a help to them in meeting the spiritual and theological needs of their parishioners. Many Catholics are reporting that they listen throughout the day and enjoy all of the programs. A number of listeners have told Redeemer Radio that the station is changing their lives. A non-Catholic noted that she used to listen to the station back when it used to be Protestant, “but then it switched to Catholic, but I really like it.” The station clearly sees its apostolate as fulfilling the call of Pope John Paul II for a New Evangelization.

Redeemer Radio is a 501c3 non-profit group of lay Catholics, financially separate from the diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, and totally dependent on the generosity of listeners. The first of two annual on-air pledge drives will take place Wednesday through Friday, March 29-31, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Known as “Spring Sharathon 2006”, the event will be hosted by Jerry Usher at the studios of Redeemer Radio. Mr. Usher is the national host of Catholic radio’s most popular program, “Catholic Answers Live”, heard on Redeemer Radio weekdays from 6 to 8 o’clock, mornings and evenings.

During Sharathon, both local and national guests will share their perspectives on the vital importance of Catholic radio to our community. And of course, listeners will be asked to generously support the apostolate.

Prior to Sharathon, Redeemer Radio is asking individuals and businesses in the area to pledge advance donations in the form of matching funds. During the Sharathon event, listeners will then be challenged on the air to match these funds dollar for dollar. Donations can be applied if desired to underwrite programming on the air, similar to commercials. A business or favorite charity can be promoted on the air for as little as $6 per 30-second spot.

Also, local Catholic-owned businesses are being invited to donate their products or services to be offered on the air as incentives for giving. In particular, a selection of books from Our Sunday Visitor will be offered on the air in exchange for donations. Local Catholic groups, such as the Knights of Columbus, are volunteering to work the phones and process pledges from listeners.

Individuals and businesses who are interested in pledging or volunteering can contact Redeemer Radio’s executive director Kris Billingsley at 260-436-9598. Pledges or donations can be made to “Redeemer Radio” at P.O. Box 5636, Ft. Wayne, IN 46895. Pledges or donations can also be made online at Redeemer Radio’s website, www.

Redeemer Radio’s president, Chris Langford, says, “we are very pleased with the operation of the station and the tremendous response of listeners from all quarters. And we are looking forward to “Spring Sharathon 2006″ with great anticipation. Listeners will really enjoy the variety of guests and will experience the excitement of our community ensuring that our very own Catholic radio station will stay on the air – educating, inspiring and changing lives.”


Redeemer Radio’s lineup includes a variety of programming of interest to a broad audience, including:

•Live talk on current events from the Catholic perspective, including world and national news updates, featuring hosts Al Kresta and Teresa Tomeo.

•Contemporary Catholic music.

•Live Q&A about the Catholic faith, featuring the most popular Catholic speakers from around the country.

•Family and personal help for live callers from Catholic psychologists Doctor Ray Guarendi and Doctor Coleen Mast.

•Catholic devotions, including Holy Mass, the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

•Programming for children, teenagers and young adults.


According to Mr. Langford, “Catholic radio is very effective because it is available anytime and everywhere: at home, in the car, in the office. It also reaches everyone: rich and poor, young and old, and those who may not be active in any faith.”

Daily, programming is in English during the day from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and in Spanish overnight from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The mission of Redeemer Radio is to evangelize the Catholic faith through radio in the diocese, under obedience to Bishop John M. D’Arcy.


Redeemer Radio’s studio is located at 4705 Illinois Road, Suite 104, in Fort Wayne, IN. WLYV transmits at 1000 Watts day and night. The signal can be heard throughout Allen County and across most of the surrounding counties, including those in Ohio.

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