Jim Ebbing called The Waynedale News the week of January 22nd and reported that one of his friends had been robbed. He explained that on the morning of Friday, January 20, his friend, a 76 year-old man from the Old Mill Road area, was washing his car at the Waynedale Car Wash on Bluffton and Lower Huntington Roads. An African American male, 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds came up behind him and asked him for money. The robber then struck him with a pistol and took his wallet. The man escaped on foot walking towards Old Trail Road.

In the Tuesday, January 31 edition of The Journal Gazette, writer Amanda Iacone, reported a similar incident…On Saturday, January 27th at the same Waynedale carwash, another Waynedale resident was assaulted. Fort Wayne police were called to a Dale Drive home at 9:50 a.m. Saturday for a report of an armed robbery of a person at the carwash, a police report said. The victim told police that he was at the carwash in the area of Lower Huntington and Bluffton Roads washing his truck when someone approached him from behind. The robber put the gun against the victim’s cheek and hit him in the face. The robber demanded his wallet and told the victim to empty his pockets. The robber got more than $100 in cash, plus credit cards, a pocketknife and fingernail clippers, the report said. The robber then walked away from the carwash. The victim did not hear a car start. He then drove to a friend’s home to call police, the report said. An off-duty Indiana state trooper told city police that a witness had seen a man going from wash bay to wash bay looking around but didn’t appear to be washing a vehicle, the report said.

This area of Fort Wayne has a low crime rate and generally is a very peaceful neighborhood. Waynedale residents are asked to be aware of this problem and to notify the police at 427-1222 if they have any additional information on these or other similar crimes.

The Waynedale News Staff


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