Larry Wedertz passed away in 2000 and was interested in science and young people. He was a friend of Jill Rinne who taught English at Bishop Luers from 1978-2001. Before Mr. Wedertz passed away he set up this scholarship with the help of Jill.

To qualify, a student needs a B average or above in the science classes he/she has already taken at Bishop Luers. They need to be registered to take their third or fourth year of science. Interested students need to submit a two-paragraph essay that states how the student intends to apply science in a chosen career path, and describes the composition and a brief history of the student’s family.

This year Allison Meyers and Adam Peterson received full tuition for their senior year at Bishop Luers and Annette Wellman received partial tuition.

Benefits from this scholarship have touched the lives of many Luers students.

Thanks to Larry Wedertz and Jill Rinne, Allison Meyers is considering a career in the medical field. Adam Peterson would like to enter the field of pharmaceuticals and Annette Wellman plans on going into biomedical engineering. With the science classes they have taken at Bishop Luers they have set themselves up for a good start in the field of science.

The Waynedale News Staff

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