John Shields is not your typical Bishop Luers high school junior taking the summer off. Shields’ passion for the game of lacrosse is making him a popular person with his teammates and around the globe. Why? John began customizing his lacrosse heads for himself, and then for a few friends, and now for customers on the World Wide Web!

In lacrosse, players carry a stick with something on the end called the head. Players use it to catch a hard rubber ball and occasionally miss and hit an opponent. The head is pear-shaped, made of plastic, and it is usually white and covered with white netting to form a basket. They all look alike.

John says, “Having equipment exactly like everyone else’s is third grade stuff, and by the time you reach high school, you want to be unique.”

So this past year John started creating ways to change the color of the white boring plastic to Bishop Luers’ school colors—red, black, and white. Now he can change the heads to over 25 different colors and combinations of these colors.

This whole idea began as a dare, “a dare to myself,” states Shields. “I just wanted to prove to myself that I could take the ideas that other people have done and add my own personal creative touches to my lacrosse head, and I did! They came out really awesome!”

After seeing John’s creations, John’s dad, a professional internet marketer, took John’s idea to the net.‑ It began very slowly at first, under the name of NALAXCO (North American Lacrosse Company). Then the father son team started selling the custom dyed heads through eBay.

“EBay is a good vehicle for us to appeal to a targeted audience and get instant results,” states John’s father Dave Shields. “Our next step was to create a website to show off all our creations, which we did at” “At our website you can see our creations; the heads we sell, custom mesh colors and t-shirts.”‑ They also have a tab on their site that encourages our visitors to sign up for a monthly newsletter.

The Shields’ team can create a custom one-of-a-kind lacrosse head just for you. The average turn around time for a custom head is 3-4 weeks!

North American Lacrosse Company (NALAXCO) is a small family owned business based in Waynedale.‑ They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and fast turn around time! You can contact them through their email address: or call direct at: 260-417-2691. They are open 7 days a week.

THIS JUST IN…NALAXCO is now doing custom dying of customers’ own heads. If a customer wants to have NALAXCO custom dye their existing heads they can!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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