I have collected several three-ring notebooks of newspaper articles that I have titled, “Baseball’s Problems.” I should change the book title to “Baseball Player’s Problems” as most of the articles are about players.

A new player’s problem (according to the Baseball America issue May 9-23, 2005 has surfaced.

It seems that Kendry Morales defected from Cuba. Morales ended up in Miami but then moved to the Dominican Republic in order to become a free agent. The Angels gave him a good signing bonus. Scouts sign foreign players because they tell us there aren’t enough American boys that are good prospects.

Morales can’t get a visa from the Dominican Republic because he is not a citizen of this country and can’t get a passport to leave. This process normally takes about two years. The Angels general manager says, “When he gets here he gets here.”

Baseball America stated, “Morales was considered to be the best position player to defect since Fidel Castro came to power. The Angels signed him to an incentive laden six-year deal on December 1, 2004.

They still call baseball “America’s Game.”


That’s not the way I saw it.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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