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BridgeClimb celebrated the 1.5 millionth Climber to experience ‘The Climb of Their Life’ over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Thursday, June 9, 2005.

Paul Cave, BridgeClimb Founder and Chairman, welcomed and congratulated the 1.5 millionth Climber at the summit of the Australian icon at 10.55am.

Christopher Schenkel from Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the US was the lucky Climber and to mark the occasion was presented a commemorative sash, specially made Climber cap and a trophy containing a cement core from the original 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge foundation work, sourced from the excavation of the BridgeClimb access tunnel.

Christopher is in Sydney on holidays with his wife, Anne and son, Chris, who has been studying in Freemantle, Perth. Mr and Mrs Schenkel travelled to Australia to meet their son in Perth and then tour the country prior to returning with him to the USA.‑ Friends in America insisted that when they came to Sydney they experience BridgeClimb, “It was the first thing we booked before leaving America”. The three of them climbed together as part of the 9.05am Climb group.‑

The Schenkels organised to Climb their first day in Sydney after friends described the experience as a ‘must do’.

Paul Cave said, “The entire BridgeClimb staff is delighted to have achieved this milestone and are looking forward to welcoming the next 1.5 million climbers from Australia and across the world to experience The Climb of Their Life.”

“BridgeClimb is proud to be able to deliver a world class experience to people from all over the world, allowing them to embrace the opportunity to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, an Australian icon.”

Approximately 60% of Climbers who have experienced BridgeClimb are from overseas, proving that the world has embraced the opportunity to scale this Australian icon in the six and a half years of BridgeClimb offering one of the most fantastic experiences of a lifetime. The Schenkels join over 200,000 people from the USA to have climbed since 1998.

Mr Cave also said, “BridgeClimb wish to acknowledge all partners both domestically and internationally who have helped make BridgeClimb the Australian success story it is, in particular the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority for the privilege of operating on the world’s best maintained bridge.”

Climbs depart the BridgeClimb base every 10 minutes and BridgeClimb operates day, twilight & night Climbs 7 days a week. For more information on BridgeClimb call (02) 8274 7777 or online at www.bridgeclimb.com

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