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Perry Smith was a local carpenter. My father, Bill Stark, contracted him to build a garage on our property on Old Trail Road. My brother Dan and I were 10 and 12 years old. When Perry arrived at the jobsite my father informed him that Dan & I were there to help.

Perry was the first one to teach us the proper way to snap a chalk-line and drive a nail. He built the garage and tolerated the two of us as best he could and to my recollection he never had a blueprint, a sketch, or even a pencil and paper to figure anything out. He drew from a vast resource of previous experiences. The garage, 46 years later, is still standing, but Perry passed away many years ago.

Gary McOmber, (Scouting Smoke Signals) brought in a book of poems that, he obtained from his father Carl McOmber. The book was put together by one of Perry’s daughters and it is titled, A Little Barnyard Philosophy, by Perry E. Smith. There is no date on the works, but I suspect they are a collection of things that happened to Perry over the years.

I will publish them under the name: “Perry’s Poems.”




Spring is in the air again, and soon she will emerge
in a new gown of sparkling loveliness,
Causing you and I to forget the chilling winds and
drab contour of the dying winter.
Spring beautiful spring, the season of love and happiness.
There is no greater tragedy than the man or woman who,
blinded with greed and the insignificant happenings of our
daily existence,
Walk through and gaze upon the marvelous handiwork of God
and see it not
Spring beautiful spring, the hope of the world, as she
comes shinning forth, in all her shining chastity,
With a smile on her lips, and a promise in her eyes,
Of a greater world beyond
Spring, beautiful spring, come to us now and dwell in
our hearts forever.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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