Yes, we all have free speech, until someone tells us we don’t.

Does this title sound like a situation that exists in this country? Do people accept what you say until they don’t like what you say and then want to stop you from saying it?

As you read polls, that are very cool now, you see all sorts of percentages. 51% against and 49% for. We will never in this country see 100% acceptance of anything in the future.

It’s possible a poll could show that 65% like your stand on a topic, but the minority wants you to shut up.

However in the case of Steve Stone (Cubs TV announcer) who stated, “Don’t tell me how rough the water is, you bring the ship.” There may not have been a poll conducted, but the minority, owner, manager and general manager wanted him to shut up. I don’t think Steve Stone is worrying about a new job.

Yes, we will always have free speech in this country, but be careful what you say! That’s the Way I Saw It.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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