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On November 5, 2004 at 5pm while hunting at “Deer Camp” near Orland in northern Indiana, Dan Madru shot a 194-pound, whitetail, 9-point buck. It takes a score of 140 to qualify for the Indiana Record Book. This deer had a green score of 149 1/2.

Dan and several friends met the first week in November for seven days of bow hunting. Friday and Saturday the weather was too hot, Sunday through Wednesday it rained, Thursday was cool and calm…then the action was on.‑ The entire group saw a lot of deer.‑ Friday afternoon, at 3:15pm, Dan climbed into his stand and waited. Over the next two hours he saw 20 does and 6 bucks.‑

Finally a big buck walked up and stopped 8 yards from his stand.‑ The deer turned broadside and gave him an excellent shot. Dan said, “I tooled him right through the shoulder with my Matthews LX Bow which was set at 60 lbs.‑ The buck ran 35 yards, stopped and dropped.”

Dan has taken two other big bucks, a 10-point in 1980 and an 8-point in 1998.‑ They both had a green score of 125. This is the first Record Booker for Dan.

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