Don’t Forget the Vet


Our brave young men and women are standing strong in many dangerous places, especially Iraq and Afghanistan. We should not take them for granted. Without our brave veterans, both past and present, our lives would be very different. We must not forget their sacrifices. Many of them will need medical care when they return. The VA Hospital in Fort Wayne needs to be kept viable. This is not the time to think about cutting on services.

Veterans for Better Health Care, is a local group of veterans trying to keep the VA from closing a part of the Fort Wayne VA Hospital? Their phone number is 432-8418 and 438-6178.

This Christmas, why not do what many patriotic U.S. citizens do-Donate to the Veterans group of your choice. It will be greatly appreciated. 


Don’t forget the Vets!
Richard E. Robinson
Veteran 1960-1964

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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