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The forty-two year old Norwegian Pine that used to be at the residence of Paul and Dorothy Bunsold now shines forth for the entire city of Fort Wayne to enjoy.

Mudrack Tree Service cut the 50-foot tree from 6210 Donna Drive in Waynedale on November 15, 2004. Fifteen feet was trimmed from the bottom of the tree and the remaining 35 feet weighed 6300 pounds. The tree probably weighed close to 10,000 pounds before trimming. Paul Bunsold said, “The tree was planted over a well, and it had all the water it needed.” The weight of the tree was no problem for Martin’s 50-ton crane. Jack Sinak, Field Superintendent for Martin, Inc. was on the job early Saturday, November 20 preparing the tree to be set in its location on the crosswalk between the parking garage and the Wells Fargo Bank Building. Ken Young and the crew from Young’s Greenhouse worked along with the crew from Martin, Inc. to a successful conclusion of decorating, lighting and hoisting the huge tree to its final position.

The tree, along with the Santa and Reindeer at Main and Calhoun and the giant lighted Wreath have downtown Fort Wayne looking great for the holidays.

Thank you, Paul and Dorothy Bunsold, two great people from Waynedale, for participating in the lighting of Fort Wayne for the coming Christmas season.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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