Several nights ago Bob Davidson was the plate umpire for the 17-inning game won by the Wizards. Davidson is one of three Ex-Major league umpires, including Ed Hickox and Tom Hallion that are working in the low Minor Leagues, trying to work themselves back into the Major Leagues.

The arbitrator’s decision isn’t clear to most baseball fans as some umpires were permitted to return, some were allowed to take their pensions, and some were terminated.

Davidson’s first year in the Minors was 1974 in the Midwest League. He worked his way through the Florida State League, Southern and American Association and became a National League umpire May 31, 1982. He was a National League umpire until 1999 and was caught in the mass resignation of Major League umpires.

Things happen to baseball umpires and I’m one pulling for Bob Davidson to return to the Major Leagues.


That’s the way I saw it.

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