Greetings! I hope you’ve had a great summer! Things have been fairly quiet in the 4th District (which extends from the airport on the south to Goshen Road on the north and Covington Shopping Center on the west to the West Central area on the east) this summer. The crime rate remains low in the “Waynedale News” area but one particular problem continues to stand out—thefts from vehicles parked at shopping centers and similar sites. Our excellent Fort Wayne Police Department officers are working hard to protect you and your family and your property but they can’t do everything! Be sure to lock your vehicle as well as your home and garage, etc., and don’t leave items in the passenger area of your car that might tempt a thief. Make sure your neighborhood association maintains regular contact with your Police Department Neighborhood Liaison Officer—and report any suspicious activity to your NLO as well as to the FWPD Desk Sergeant at 427-1227. Improved crime statistics aren’t a reason to become complacent—let’s strengthen our efforts to fight crime in the 4th District!

In recent weeks I’ve been lobbying to maintain the important County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) funding which supports many of the improvements in roads and sidewalks and streetlights, etc. in the 4th District as well as throughout Fort Wayne. Budgetary constraints are threatening the allocation of CEDIT funds to each of Fort Wayne’s 6 councilmanic districts. Cuts have already been made in this important area of city funding and I’m concerned the Mayor may make further cuts in district CEDIT funding in the budget he brings to City Council in early September. City Council can only cut the budget—we can’t add funding removed by the Mayor. With these thoughts in mind I urge you to write or email or call the Mayor’s office and urge him to maintain district CEDIT funding at its current level of $450,000 for each district—any cuts will certainly make it much more difficult for Council members such as yours truly to keep our neighborhoods in the best possible shape.

Congratulations to the swimmers and coaching staff and parents as well at Avalon for their impressive victory in this year’s city swim meet! Avalon has always had an excellent swim program and the last few years have been better than ever! Also kudos to the dive team at Pocahontas Swim Club (where my 2 daughters competed several years ago) for an excellent showing in the city dive competition in July! The south side swimmers and divers were awesome!
Plans are moving forward steadily for the Waynedale summer celebration at Waynedale Park on Saturday, August 28th. There will be lots of free food, fun and games, and prizes at this great event which is FREE! Special thanks to Beulah Stoker of the SE Waynedale Association for her (and her volunteers’ and donors’) efforts in organizing this party for kids (and grownups, too) in 2003 and again this year!

Call or email me with any concerns regarding local government matters in Fort Wayne. Constructive suggestions are always appreciated!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman,
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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