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Rooster Cassell
Rooster Cassell
Where are the old TV & Radio broadcasters of yesterday?


Bob Sievers, Mr. WOWO, has been retired from radio since 1987, and living with his lovely wife (Harriet) and their pet dog Mae Me.

I ran into Dick DeFay the other day at Dollar General, in Gateway Shopping Center, off of Goshen Road. He’s looking good! He used to work at WKJG-TV 33, and I remember his old saying “Sports Today With Dick Defay.”

Kent Horman, is now the current Sports Director at Channel 33. I went to school with Kent at Village Woods Jr. High School, now, apart of Village Elementary School. Kent was two grades ahead of me back in 1969!

I also ran into Jack Gray, the former Newscaster of WKJG-TV 33, and he is also looking great.

John Moss a former weekend weatherman at WKJG-TV 33 works at Casa’s on Fairfield Avenue.

Former General Manager Reid Chapman of WANE-TV 15 is retired and living in New Haven. I miss his half-hour program that ran once a month called “Meet The Manager.” He would invite TV viewers to send questions to WANE-TV 15’s. One time, when I was very young, he read my question, “Are you going to bring back my favorite TV program ‘The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet?'” I thought it was really cool to have my letter read on TV.

Former and Original WLYV’s Lyv-Guy, Bob Barnes, was a disc jockey with Rick Hughes at WLYV from 1966 thru 1971. He produced TV shows like “Superboy” in the 1980s. Bob has a production studio in Huntington, Indiana. And is still married to his high school sweetheart!

Rick Hughes left WLYV in 1972 and went to work at Fort Wayne’s New Top 40-radio station W-MEE, a.k.a. WMEE, The Big 1380, on the AM band. Pathfinders Broadcasting Company owns them and Rick’s been there ever since. He can now be found at WQHK-FM a.k.a. K105FM.

And I’m with The Waynedale News, which is going on its 73rd Anniversary. I deliver my route into new and extended areas every two weeks and sometimes write about the old days in radio.

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Jim “Rooster” Cassell (Radio & TV)

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