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Anyone passing the Southwest Conservation Club between June 23 and June 26 may have wondered what the crowd was and what was going on. Well, it was the annual Miami District Cub Scout Day Camp that was crowded and going on!

A little over 200 Cub Scouts, Adult Volunteers, and Scouters gathered for three days filled with fun and activities at the Day Camp.

The theme this year was “Scouting Under The Big Top”, and yes, it was a circus theme. The more traditional Scouting activities such as knife handling safety, shooting sports, and handicrafts were well received. Less traditional were the pony and llama rides, the never-ending hayride, and on Friday afternoon a full carnival.

The “Whittlin’ Chip” station stressed proper safety, handling, and sharpening of an edged tool. Archery shot 5 arrow flights at balloon targets after their safety instructions. The rifle range fired N.R.A. approved air rifle targets after their safety training. Also, with a very ingenious twist, the wrist rocket (slingshot) station shot Purina dog chow ammunition at aluminum targets while using one of the Club ponds for a background. The fish, ducks, and geese benefited from missed targets and lost ammunition as they made a meal out of keeping the grounds clean. In woodworking the Scouts each made a nifty treasure chest to store their Scouting projects and memories in. The second wood project was a scaled down catapult that was small in size, but certainly not in performance. Handicraft activities had the Scouts assembling a personal door hanger for their own use at home. They also made blowguns out of P.V.C. pipe. These blowguns were sized to shoot tiny little marshmallows as ammunition and they worked quite well.

This may sound like a full schedule, and it was. But things wrapped up Friday morning in time to hold a cookout. It was a great opportunity to invite any available parents to come and share a hot dog and quality time with their Camper.

After the cook out, the Carnival was okay to go full speed. Calliope, the pony, demonstrated that pony’s do count and answer questions. The inflatable moonwalk, climbing wall, and obstacle course were packed and popular. Many Cub Scouts left the dunk tank quite satisfied after splashing one of their good-natured leaders. It was a good time carnival in great weather. The same may be said for the Day Camp in its entirety. It was a tremendous time and the weather cooperated to help provide a memorable learning experience for the area Cub Scouts that will stay with them for a lifetime.

After the crowd had thinned out, the older Webolos Scouts prepared for their overnighter on Friday. The Scouts pitched tents and had a Campfire Program in preparation for further advancement and for their entry into the full -fledged Boy Scout program.

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