“End of Summer” Picnic Volunteers. Thanks everyone!
“End of Summer” Picnic Volunteers. Thanks everyone!

Several years ago I talked to Waynedale residents about having an ‘end of summer’ parade and picnic. After all, we have a Memorial Day Parade and Picnic at the beginning of summer. I had some T-shirts printed but we never got organized enough to pull it off. I kept talking to residents and neighborhood associations. This year, with help from Councilman Hayhurst, neighbors and local businesses, the dream of a fall, end-of-summer, picnic became a reality. On August 31, 2003 the Community Picnic was in full swing. Several volunteers arrived with sleeves rolled up and with donated items. Once 10am arrived, families and friends arrived at the Waynedale Park. With food, music, the help of the Fort Wayne Fire Department, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, we all had a great time.

While I was walking around, residents told me they enjoyed seeing their neighbors. They also enjoyed the festive atmosphere and the chance to close out another great summer here in Waynedale.

In closing, I personally want to thank all the Waynedale volunteers and businesses for their hard work. Next year we would like to include a parade along with a picnic. It would be great to see the Waynedale Parade rival that of the Three Rivers Festival parade.

The Waynedale News Staff

Cornell Wiley

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