It’s back-to-school time. This sad fact brings school supplies, new clothes, and Hollywood’s last chance to hit moviegoers up with summer sequels and blockbusters. This season, summer movies’ last stand included S.W.A.T., Freddy vs. Jason, and Uptown Girls.

S.W.A.T., starring Samuel L. Jackson (Basic) and Colin Farrell (Phone Booth), is the action packed story of an LAPD SWAT team made up of the freshest, best, and blacklisted members of the force. The group, including a man who sold out his partner (Farrell), a hard as nails female officer (Michelle Rodriguez, Resident Evil), a fast officer with a short temper and their leader who doesn’t follow protocol, isn’t even expected to make it out of training. When a criminal who’s wanted on almost every continent is arrested in Los Angeles and offers 100 million dollars for his freedom, however, all chaos breaks loose and there is only one team to call in.

S.W.A.T. opened at number one and keeps audiences entertained by the fast paced action and banter between the teammates. This makes up for what the movie lacks in creativity. While it’s a story that has been told a hundred times, no one ever seems to tire of it. S.W.A.T. is certainly not the best movie I’ve seen all year, but I give it three out of five stars for its entertainment value.

Freddy vs. Jason pairs up two of horror’s most timeless death defying villains. In the movie, Freddy Krueger has been long forgotten, much to his dismay. If no one remembers him, then no one will be afraid of him. He feeds off of adolescent fear and attacks in his victims’ dreams. Freddy brings back Jason Voorhees, a vengeful killer who has slain anyone who ever returned to Camp Crystal Lake after his drowning and the camp’s closing in 1957. Jason is sent to Elm Street to rekindle fear amongst its young people. With time, Freddy gains enough strength to start killing again, but Jason keeps getting to his victims first. This kind of ticks Freddy off, and when he can’t stop Jason, he decides to kill him. Two titans of terror are brought into a battle to the grave. If no one’s been able to kill them before, will they be able to kill each other?

I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that my money was on Jason. Statistically he is the biggest and the most prophetic killer of the 1980’s slasher craze. Freddy has killed a mere 30 people compared to Jason’s 127. Freddy vs. Jason also opened at number one. I think bringing these two back to duke it out was a great idea. I just don’t think it was pulled off very effectively. It came off hokey and was dirty even for a slasher movie. I give it a two out of five for its creativity, even if it wasn’t executed very well.

I was starting to worry that maybe I didn’t like any movies because I was grumpy with the back to school blues. Then I saw Uptown Girls and realized that the previous movies just weren’t very good.

Uptown Girls starring Brittney Murphy (Just Married) and Dakota Fanning (I am Sam) is the story of a rock and roll heiress who is forced to grow up when her lawyer steals her inheritance. She becomes the nanny of a little girl who must learn how to act her age. The two form a love-hate bond and teach each other how to trust other people and how to cope with things beyond their control.

Uptown Girls is an incredibly sweet movie. Murphy is adorable and Fanning is truly a talented young actress. I give this movie four out of five for its strong acting and sweet, touching storyline.

The Waynedale News Staff

Kasey Butcher

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