Timeliness of serving those that serve us.


The Wayne Township Trustees office has joined the leadership role in helping those in need in our Veteran community. There are a number of local options in place to assist veterans, and we want to make sure that they are aware of all the services that are available to them.

Allen County is blessed to have an outstanding Veteran Service Officer in George Jarboe. This County office is responsible for assisting veterans, their spouses, dependents and survivors with information and assistance concerning veterans’ benefits through Federal and State levels. A few of the many resources available for veterans through this office are; service connected disability compensation, non-service connected pension, low-income pension benefits, burial benefits, and VA medical care. To acquire a more complete list or to contact Mr. Jarboe directly, contact the Allen County Veterans Service Office, Room 208 City County Building, (260/449-7861).

At the Federal level is the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, commonly known as the VA Hospital. Assistance with medical benefits that include general health care, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse may be provided through this facility. They also provide case management and have supported housing. HCHV or otherwise known as Health Care for Homeless Veterans MSW Case Manager Hugh Reusser has been invaluable in his ability to work with our office on a “social worker to social worker” basis. The Social Work Service Office of the VA Hospital can be contacted at (260/460-1315).

The Wayne Township office has served many veterans by working with these and other agencies. We have reduced the costs of our services to taxpayers by tapping into some of the other resources that are available. These agencies aid not so much with mortgage, rent, or utilities, but with medications, burials, and all of the other benefits and needs promised to those that put their lives on the line for us. We are very fortunate that we can work with other organizations such as these where federal dollars can be used to address our local concerns. It is our fundamental commitment to provide for the needs of our community and it is just as vitally important to be ” good stewards” of your tax dollars. For questions concerning the assistance available to Veterans through the Wayne Township Office contact Operations Administrator Jason Hile at (260/449-7000).

At this critical time in our nations history Wayne Township is proud to have established these Community Partnerships to help in “serving those that serve us”.

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