TV 33’s Mark in the Morning doing a live interview with Editor Bob Stark from The Waynedale News.
TV 33’s Mark in the Morning doing a live interview with Editor Bob Stark from The Waynedale News.
Monday, July 1st 2002, Mark Evan’s and the TV 33 news team visited The Waynedale Bakery. The Channel 33 TV remote truck arrived at the bakery at 4:30 am Monday morning and the set-up began. Those of you who stopped by the bakery found doughnuts and coffee free for all.

Mark Evan’s, the host of the Channel 33’s morning show was born in Merced, California. Mark and his parents moved to Indiana. Mark grew up in Indianapolis where he attended the University of Indianapolis, majoring in humanics and minoring in broadcasting. He began his broadcasting career at a popular Indianapolis radio station in the mid-seventies when he was just a junior in high school.

Mark’s career has taken him to Evansville, Peoria, Chattanooga, and Fort Wayne where he now resides.

Mark was heartily welcomed to the Waynedale area where he served guests from two large trays of doughnuts. His cheerful disposition put everyone at ease while he did “live” interviews of the early morning patrons.

Christine Miller, new owner of The Bakery, stayed busy decorating cakes and doing all the baking needs in preparation for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

Jim ‘Rooster’ Cassell was there with his wife Wendy. Jim surprised Wendy with one of Christine’s specially decorated anniversary/ birthday cake in honor of their 8th anniversary and Wendy’s birthday.

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