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ACPL’s Audio Reading Services Wins International Award

The International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) has awarded the 2022 Best Consumer Information Program to Allen County Public Library’s Audio Reading Service (ARS). The award was presented at the June 2023 IAAIS Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The winning program, Weekend, was submitted for award consideration and is as a representative sample of Audio Radio Service programming. In the sample, long-time ARS volunteer Cari Kyle, reads about various events taking place in Allen County over the weekend including concerts, festivals, art exhibits, and more.

“This award demonstrates and validates the care and professionalism of the ARS program and its volunteers in providing access to information for those faced with difficulty in reading print; whether their challenges are visual, physical, learning or language barriers,” said Georgean C. Johnson-Coffey, Manager of the ARS.

The ACPL audio reading service broadcasts free programming 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is specifically designed for and directed to people who have visual, physical, learning, or language challenges to reading traditional printed materials because of blindness, low-vision, a literacy issue, language barrier or a physical condition. Patrons can access the programming via radio, web streaming, mobile app, podcast, and smart devices such as Amazon Alexa.

Listeners have shared many positive comments recently regarding the ARS Weekend program. “My mom listens to the Weekend program and often attends events she hears about that are going on in the Fort Wayne area,” said one listener.

“I like listening to Weekend – I had no idea there was that much going on in Fort Wayne and around,” said another listener.

For more information about the ACPL’s Audio Reading Service, contact (260) 421-1376 or audioreader@acpl.info.

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