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A More Perfect Union

Just a thought. Over these past few years following adoption as a national holiday, there have been some grumblings that Juneteenth, in some manner, is competing with or seeks to displace the significance of America’s secession from the British Crown. Therefore, it seems prudent to pause and remind ourselves there are indeed principalities & powers who seek to profit from sowing such discord & division amongst the People.

Therefore, as one of several American History nerds who reside in the Fairfield Neighborhood, please afford me a moment to offer a different take on the matter. The back-to-back celebrations of Juneteenth and Independence Day do not equate to a zero-sum game. Instead, the two weeks between both holidays offer a truly tangible example of We the People working towards a More Perfect Union. Thus, such Objective Reality is not in any way, at odds or competition with the Spirit of ’76. While work remains, that which gave birth to the first time in history whereby the common individual is elevated as the Standard-bearer of Liberty, and that which brings us ever-closer to fidelity with the self-evident principle that we are all created equal, endowed as such from the moment the Spark of Life heralds our future arrival, are most assuredly worthy accomplishments, unrivaled in scope or speed in all of Human History and therefore wholly deserving of simultaneous & sustained celebration.

May we thus undertake all proper preparations to engage in an extended jubilant revelry; acknowledging & honoring the sacrifices of our ancestors whose blood, sweat, and tears affords those of us here now to be the recipients of a Glorious triumph in pushing the Human Condition forward.

The Waynedale News Staff
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