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Community Welcome To Share in Growing Food

For gardeners in Indiana, Mother’s Day is not only a time to celebrate moms, it’s also the universal date to plant a garden.

Last summer, The Waynedale News polled social media users to see if they would be interested in donating extra home grown produce to other community members if they put out a table in front of their office at 2505 Lower Huntington Road. The response from residents was a resounding “Yes!”

The idea came to life in early August with the “Take Some, Leave Some Free Produce” stand. Promoted as an initiative to help connect the many gardeners who have extra produce with other community members who would enjoy fresh, locally grown food for free, word spread quickly. By the end of the month, the foot traffic increased to over 30 visitors per day. And, the popularity of the initiative continued into the fall until the growing season came to an end.

Starting on Saturday, May 13, the “Take Some, Leave Some Free Produce” stand will once again make an appearance in Waynedale, but with a new planting season twist.

“As a gardener myself, there is a special kind of magic that comes with learning how to grow fresh, nutritious food. That first tomato from your own garden just doesn’t compare to one bought from a store that has been picked early and ripens on the truck while traveling from thousands of miles away. Best yet, it’s a skill that, with a little effort, everyone can do with some soil, water and sun.” Alex Cornwell, Publisher of The Waynedale News continues, “It’s often that gardeners have grown or bought extra plants that don’t fit in their garden. So, this year, we’re starting this initiative early and welcome community members to leave and take plant starts to encourage growing more food in our community.”

Those who are interested in sharing extra plants should be sure to clearly label their seedlings so others know what they are, and the soil should be well-watered before dropping off. Residents who are interested in learning to garden, trying to grow a new type of produce in their garden, or who have a limited gardening budget are encouraged to come take what they might need with respect for others who may also be in need.

As the season goes on, the stand will continue to be available for anyone who has grown produce and has a bounty to share with others.

As a free newspaper, The Waynedale News is an organization that believes there should be no income barrier to news, entertainment, or access to knowledge about community resources for those who may need it. Similarly, it is proud to help facilitate access to delicious, nutritious, local produce that has been grown and given with care.

Regular updates about the stand will be shared on The Waynedale News Facebook page. Like and follow facebook.com/Waynedalenews for more information.

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