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What Are the Odds? A Restaurant Story ~ Letter To The Editor

Dunkin’ Donuts: where donuts lovers come to meet and mingle, and where coffee lovers come to taste the newest edition of their seasonal favorites. But there is a very specific version of this national food chain that is very dear, and near, to my heart. There may be at least 5 locations near Fort Wayne, but there is one specific that is worth writing about: the Dunkin’ that fed me my first donuts.

Now, eating a simple donuts seems like no big deal or something that should’ve happened when I was two years old. I was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy at the age of three I believe, and since then, have never trusted a donuts shoppe with my life. Most of their donuts most likely came in contact with some sort of nut in their time at the shop, so the risk was never worth taking. But that all changed when another one of our faithful UberEats orders came in; my life was forever changed.

The West Jefferson edition of Dunkin’ had always been something I looked past when riding down the busy road… usually Starbucks, IHOP, or one of the banks would catch my eye instead. When the order came through, neither me nor my mom knew where this place was. I walked in to retrieve the half dozen donuts and the orange mixed with blue aesthetic (Baskin Robbins shares a building) seemingly spoke to me and urged me to ask that fan-favorite question: “do you guys have anything with nuts in it? I have a nut allergy, is it safe for me to eat here?”

That was the day I tried my first donuts, and fell in love. Turns out, they have an employee who is allergic to nuts as well, therefore, for their safety, they do not serve anything nutty. Rather than disappoint nut loving donuts fans, they recommend they go to Jack’s donuts, only a building away, to get their fix there. Genius!

So why did I write this article? Well, my dear friends in Waynedale, how many of us here in our small suburb have a peanut allergy? Approximately three million people in the United States alone have the nuttiest allergy of them all, and there is no way I’m the only one in Waynedale. This is officially for you. Now, my no-peanut-buddies, go get yourself a donuts for the first time in your life and savor the sprinkles, icing, and cream (or jelly if that’s your thing)… you deserve it. It’s been an unlived life.

The Waynedale News Staff

Emma Miller

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