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Trying Out UberEats ~ Letter To The Editor

There is one business that is extremely popular in larger cities — but we have noticed, through our UberEats journey over the last few weeks, that it is not nearly as used as it should be. For Fort Wayne being the second largest city in Indiana, and having many businesses (large and small), factories, and residences, we do not get as much action for food deliveries as we expected.

Let me break down our (my mom’s and my) experience: after some extreme begging and afilling out the form, I pleaded with my mom to start Ubering – which turned into strictly doing UberEats. She caved after being a little nervous to start in the business, and that’s where it began.

It was love — working our own hours, making a pretty penny doing it, and most of all helping people who don’t want to go out or can’t go out! This service to the northeastern Indiana city (and everywhere) is wonderful for people with babies, needy pets, or elderly parents – or people who want to keep binge-watching Cobra Kai or Stranger Things.

I just felt the need to write this article to bring awareness to this at-home food service.

Hair in a messy bun or ratty from a sleepless night with Esmeralda the infant? You can select “leave at the door” and enjoy your Happy Meal without ever seeing anyone!

And don’t forget the pets! In our short time with UberEats, we have made dog food, puppy chow, and cat litter deliveries from Pet Supplies Plus. Let us do all the heavy lifting and running around for your fluffy friends.

This is what I am getting at: ordering from UberEats is easy and convenient if you’re willing to spend an extra dime to pay the delivery fee and TIP YOUR UBER DRIVERS, believe me, they will appreciate it in the end, because to some, it is their full-time eight-hour shift job. You should see the grins on our faces every time the extra two dollars pops up because someone appreciated our service.

The Waynedale News Staff
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