TekVenture Offers Workshops

AUTUM’ N’ MAKIN’ WORKSHOPS! is the title for the Fall round of hands-on making workshops offered by TekVenture at its 15,000 sq. ft. facility at 1550 Griffin Street, East of Downtown Fort Wayne. The 20 workshops provide the public and TekVenture members opportunities for learning to throw a pot in clay with TekVenture’s ClayWorx founder Tom Sherbondy or forging a handled hot-cut tool in the HotShop Blacksmithing workshops.

The workshops which range in duration from 1– 3 hours include among other subjects, learning “Art Welding” from Art “Botz sculptor, Levon Vjtkofsky, to hand-building clay objects with Master Ceramicist, Ken Parisot. Nine workshops in the ElectroWorx area exploring understanding applications of electricity, to electric vehicle (EV) battery renovation, to understanding CNC machine tool operation are offered by electrical engineer and TekVenture President Pete Bolakowski.

Participants in Pete’s “Magic of The Ether” Radio workshop can make a crystal radio to take home. Master Blacksmith, Brett Wilds, offers five workshops introducing participants to the basic elements of blacksmithing and forging hot steel.

“TekVenture is now almost up to full operating capacity following a year-long clean-up operation after the fire in August 2020. Our membership is now growing again,” said Jeannette Jaquish, Secretary for TekVenture and producer of The Twistfull Meadow project for TekVenture. “TekVenture offers many affordable opportunities for individuals, students, veterans and families to get out of the house and get their creative minds and hands busy making things!”

Tickets for the workshops and information are available on-line at Eventbrite.com or by visiting www.tekventure.org/workshops/.TekVenture members may receive a 20% discount on ticket prices as well as a $5 discount for signing up for membership online. Parents must accompany kids 12 and under in those workshops suitable for all ages and all participants must sign a waiver.

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