On Saturday, December 12, Wayne High School Art Teacher, Angie Tarr and students Cierra Armstead, Jazlin Sullivan, Christian Davies, David Diaz, Sajahane Lloyd, Saranna Kewish and Marcus Springer painted a holiday mural at Sprunger Elder Law Office on Old Trail Road. Angie believes that this experience is good for the kids because it gave them an opportunity to make up some missing credits because Covid made getting projects done much harder during Virtual Learning. They lost their studio time and projects were harder to get done at home. Students had little-to-no social interaction for months and Angie says that this project has helped them to get into the Christmas spirit and to not let COVID get them down.
Sprunger Elder Law originally reached out and offered to sponsor the kids to do a painting project to help ease some of the burdens that COVID has placed on the young. Sprunger Elder Law says that they know the hardship as the Elderly they represent are also feeling the pain of being kept from social interactions with their friends and loved ones no longer being able to visit during quarantine. Both the elderly and the young are affected negatively by the restrictions that COVID places on them. Sprunger Elder Law says they want to be a part of helping the local community get through this difficult time and it was a pleasure watching these teens create some art today.

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