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The holidays are here! But for many, the joy and feeling of the season isn’t quite in our hearts yet. There have been so many events this year that add to the anxiety and stress in our daily lives, it is hard to relax and truly celebrate the season.

As difficult as it may be, it makes sense during this time of doubt to remember and appreciate all of the wonderful things that we still have here in our community and our everyday life. While we all look forward to regaining a sense of normalcy, take the time to reflect on all the things we previously took for granted and take steps to preserve and help where you are able.

Here, at The Waynedale News, through the dark cloud of what has been 2020, we stand proud to bring you the light of interesting, positive news that not only informs, but also inspires by telling the story of the many people in our community who are doing great things in the face of adversity. We serve as a free news source for those who can’t afford subscriptions or who don’t have time to watch other local news. We also are a resource for those in need for the many who are looking for assistance but don’t know where to turn.

We are so very appreciative of each end every person, advertisers, staff, and community members, who have stepped up to support us and the newspaper through these times. It has been VERY challenging to keep this important community asset continuing to roll off the presses and into your hands every two weeks. And with the many people throughout the community who look forward to each edition and our staff members who depend on it to make ends meet, we fight this up hill battle with an open mind and hopes of a better tomorrow.

In replace of feeling bitter about the negative things that are out of your control, try to see the positives. A different perspective might help you change your feeling about the holidays too! For example, when we see vacant storefronts, look forward to the new opportunity that a new business might bring. When you feel bad about friends and family members celebrating the holidays alone or virtually, be thankful for their good health and safety.

When you know that small businesses are struggling, shop local! It’s all too easy now to skip the local storefronts and order from a large online retailer, but we have to take the extra steps to preserve our community and our businesses. And if you can’t afford to give or spend money, likes and shares on social media are free and help tremendously.

This year, we celebrated 88 years in print and each day that passes is a blessing that we are still in operation. Normally, 99.9% of our printing, production and delivery costs are offset by local businesses who want to advertise and sponsor the newspaper. However, when businesses aren’t fully operating, they don’t advertise, and we can’t afford to provide the newspaper to readers as we have since 1932. That is, unless you are willing to help.

We are now accepting donations that can be dropped off or sent to our office at: The Waynedale News 2505 Lower Huntington Road Fort Wayne, IN 46809. Alternatively, you can donate to us with a credit/ debit card online at www.gf.me/u/xsvkat

So, we say, remember to look at the bright side and when you see a problem, take the time to do what you can to help. We are all in this together, so we can all share in the season of positive actions, thoughts and togetherness as a community!

Alex Cornwell

Alex Cornwell

The Owner & Publisher of The Waynedale News. Alex is a community leader and founder of various organizations, events & improvement initiatives in the area. He is also the recipient of 2019's Allen County Vandeveer Impact Award and 2012's University of Saint Francis' Distinguished Young Alumni Award. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer