With all the conflict and stresses happening throughout our local community, and in many other communities across the nation, even extending to other countries abroad; we as a worldwide community are under a lot of pressure to find peace and wellbeing. And all of us community members here in Waynedale, Indiana, in our own little world, we are no different. But, the staff of The Waynedale News want to remind you that we have each other. As neighbors, as co-workers, as family and friends, we CAN pull through this together.

No, you won’t find any of the splashy headlines of horror and atrocities in this newspaper; we let the other media outlets cover all of that type of news. We would much rather focus on all of the positive and great things that people and organizations are doing that are all often overshadowed by the negative news of the day. There is a lot of evidence that says positivity breeds more positivity, and we strongly believe that is true.

We have found that our readers, like you, also enjoy a relaxing, positive outlook as we continue to be a news record of history for years to come. As a community hub, we are proud to create events and organize people to do great things right here where people live and work. Just take a moment to look around our wonderful neighborhoods and you will find many great people here helping others, showing love in many ways, and doing amazing things.

So, the next time the negative news has you down, or mad, or sad, or feeling helpless, pick up a Waynedale Newspaper and let us brighten your day. If you’d like to help us continue the mission of giving positivity a voice, we accept donations via mail and also have an online fundraiser at

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The Waynedale News Staff

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