The Allen County Community Development Corporation (ACCDC) and Purdue Extension – Allen County are partnering to offer a voucher for a free parcel of land to individuals completing the Urban Agriculture Certificate (UAC) program.

The UAC program, offered by Purdue Extension, helps people develop a plan for urban farms and community gardens through education on business planning, site assessment, important production practices, and community engagement. ACCDC is a not-for profit set up to handle properties that fail to sell at the annual tax sale. There are currently hundreds of properties available in Allen County. Most lots for sale start at about $350 and up.

This partnership helps these entrepreneurs get their business plan started by overcoming the hurdle of land access. The goal of this joint effort is to both educate citizens on how to grow their own food in an urban environment and get properties back in private hands again.

Visit for more information on the Urban Agriculture Certificate program. For a list of properties or more details, visit or on Facebook at ACCDC.

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