3 bushels of apples have been peeled, sliced and wrapped in fresh dough, creating 400 seasonal desserts you can only get once a year in Waynedale: ready-to-bake apple dumplings, assembled by Waynedale Chapter 600 of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Waynedale Worthy Matron Marylou Blinn says the tradition started five years ago as a fundraiser for the philanthropic organization that is affiliated with Freemasons. Chapter members do all the work in the commercial kitchen of Waynedale Masonic Lodge, 7039 Elzey Ave.

After all the peeling and rolling, the fist-sized dumplings are placed in cartons along with a bag of sugar-cinnamon for syrup, and instructions for baking. You can buy them fresh if you’re lucky enough to see a sign posted outside the Lodge on a dumpling-making day. Most are frozen before being sold.

“Many people buy them to save for Thanksgiving dinner,” Blinn explains. “Just take them out of the freezer, add water to the syrup mix, pour that over the frozen dumplings, and bake them until the smell brings everyone to the kitchen!”

Dumplings will be available for sale at the next monthly, public breakfast at Waynedale Lodge on Saturday, October 6, from 6:00 to 10:00 AM. You can also make arrangements to pick up a dumpling order by calling Sara at 749-2276, or Bessie at 749-2358.
The price of a package of 4 dumplings is $8.00. Single dumpling packages are available for $2.00 – while they last!

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