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A couple of weeks ago as I drove up to Born Again Quilts I noticed a green bin in front of the door. Walking up to it I noticed the duct-taped lid was marked “fabric”.

Inside was a trove of beautiful fabrics. This is not the first time fabric in need of a new home was left at my door: Some fabrics in plastic bags were tied to the door handle and last summer a couple of sisters wheeled their late mother’s fabrics in their little red wagon to the studio. The fabric hadn’t sold at their garage sale so they brought it in hoping someone would want it. Most importantly people drop off fabric because they don’t want to see it go to the landfill.

So where do these Fabric Foundlings go? Upholstery fabrics are donated to groups and individuals who enjoy making walker and wheelchair bags for nursing home residents. The fabrics are colorful, sturdy and the bags are fairly easy to create.

Flannel fabrics are often donated to kid organizations, church sewing groups or individuals who can use flannel in making blankets, bibs, quilts, toys and hand warmers.

Larger pieces of 100% cotton fabrics that are not sturdy/dye instability or other issues get dropped off at Franke Park Day Camp where the staff can make char cloth out of it to make starting their camp fires easier. Camp Supervisor Chris Freehill appreciates the fabric because so much of today’s fabrics are cotton/polyester blends and can’t be used.

Polyester and double knit fabrics: These by far are the biggest challenge. A box of small pieces is kept at BAQ for polyester quilt restoration purposes, but for the most part they are used for stuffing dog beds for the Allen County SPCA project. Currently there are large pieces of Poly/double knit fabrics that someone could hopefully use for a more noble purpose. My friend Marcia told me she sold large pieces of “Poly” at her garage sale to a woman whose group used them to make charity quilts.

 Do an online search of “quilting with polyester” and click the “image” link. You will find many photos of quilts made with Polyester: “scrappy”, solid colors, traditional patterns, even one that looks like stain glass to get your creative juices revved up. If you or your group could use Polyester/double knit fabrics please contact Born Again Quilts.

On April 22, we celebrated Earth Day. Let’s do our part to reuse and recycle fabric and keep it out of the landfill: Mother Nature will appreciate it!

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