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Officials at the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water have found the best-tasting water in the first of four regional competitions held throughout the state Indiana. On February 7th, 2018, during one of the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water’s training sessions in Albany, Indiana the winner of the first regional competition with the tastiest water was Fort Wayne City Utilities. Participating water samples were judged on three categories – clarity, odor and taste.

Fort Wayne City Utilities will advance to the state competition – “The Best Tasting Water in Indiana” held at the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water’s Fall Conference in Fort Wayne in October. They will compete with the winners from 3 other regions of the state.

Fort Wayne’s water sample was chosen by judges as the most appealing.

“It tasted clean, pure and refreshing,” stated official judge, Anita Amspaugh, Midwestern Engineers, Inc. “Because of the quality of this water, they have a good chance at the ‘Best Tasting Water in Indiana’ competition,” added Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Executive Director, Connie Stevens.

The competition is part of the Quality On Tap! campaign to emphasize the high quality, standards and, consequently, taste of rural water.

The winners of the “Best Tasting Water in Indiana” will advance to compete in “The Great American Water Taste Test,” a national contest, at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in early February 2019. This event is part of the Rural Water Rally, an annual legislative event for the 49 state affiliates of National Rural Water Association.

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