Bishop Luers High School has named Drew Heiniger as the recipient of the Light of Learning Award for 2017-2018. Mr. Heiniger, a third-year teacher at Bishop Luers, instructs U.S. history, U.S. government and psychology. His hands-on teaching style offers the students much encouragement in the classroom. That encouragement extends beyond the classroom to sporting events and other student activities.

Mr. Heiniger is described by students as a caring teacher who motivates them to “live the dream.”

He says he loves teaching “all day, every day,” but Mr. Heiniger also enjoys the outdoors, especially running, which makes Bishop Luers Walk-A-Thon one of his favorite activities – as he runs with some students. He enjoys hiking and traveling. His travel adventures have even led him to Ghana where he visited his sister and toured the historic sites. He brings stories from those experiences and adventures into his classroom.

Students say, “Mr. Heiniger makes sure you learn the material while keeping it fun with projects. Mr. Heiniger has a good, simple way of teaching. He does everything in his power to help students succeed whether they’re in his class or not.”

One student says, “To me, he is the best teacher so far. He covers boring lessons with an excited and unique mood and activity. He is always available for help and really pushes students to overcome their limits. He is very connected and relatable to students and teaches the material very well while keeping us focused.”

Mr. Heiniger says, “It’s been a ton of fun to engage with high school students.”

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