The History Center is proud to announce the speakers for the 2017-2018 George R. Mather Sunday Lecture Series. All lectures are held at 2pm at the History Center and are free to the public.

All George R. Mather lectures are free to the public and made possible through the generous support of the Dunsire Family Foundation. The 2017-2018 schedule of speakers is as follows:

•November 5, 2017, Dr. Timothy Wilkerson – Walking Backwards: Fort Wayne’s Colonial French Past and the Writing of History
•January 7, 2018, Jason Kissel – ACRES Land Trust: Preserving Places and their History
•February 4, 2018, Dr. Alfred Brothers Jr. – The Fort Wayne Colored Giants
•March 4, 2018, Cynthis Thies – Lesser Known First Ladies – 1865-1892: From the Farms to the Factories – The Age of Invention and Industry
•April 1, 2018, Kayleen Ruesser- They Did It For Honor: Stories of American World War II Veterans, lecture and book signing
•May 6, 2018, Jim Pickett – 1790 Old Northwest and the Battle of Kekionga
•June 3, 2018, Connie Haas Zuber – Great Alleys of Fort Wayne: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The History Center serves present and future generations by collecting, preserving, and sharing historic artifacts, documents, and images that describe the people, places, and events that define Fort Wayne and Allen County history.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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