Throughout its 79 year history, The Southwest Conservation Club has survived its share of devastating historical events, but in April of last year, a fire in the clubhouse brought the Club and its members tearfully to its knees. However, in the spirit of perseverance, the Club pooled its resources, accepted public donations and within the following months it continued its outdoor events as it began to renovate and rebuild.

The damage to the clubhouse was so extensive that up to 90% of the property and all of the walls, ceilings, floors and roof would need to be replaced. This also included many of the historical documents, photos and mementos of the clubs history, even the infamous moose heads that hung in the main room.

During the following months, the clubhouse was emptied to a shell of a building. Paul Davis Restoration was hired to assist with cleaning and restoring salvageable items, as well as the general contractor for the renovation of the entire building.

But now, after just over a year of work on the building, the clubhouse will once again open for its public events, next week!

“It looks like a brand new building on the inside, complete with a brand new kitchen.” Tom McCutcheon, President of Southwest Conservation Club continued, “It took many club members to get to this point, but now we are excited to let the public in to see our new facility. I think they will be amazed by how modern, sleek and clean it looks.”

On Friday, June 16 the clubhouse will be open for its first public event since the fire, a “Waynedale Famous” Fish & Tenderloin Fry from 5pm-7pm. This includes an all-you-can-eat fried fish and tenderloin with sides of green beans, corn, cole slaw, french fries, roll and butter, pudding and jello; $9 for adults, children age 12 and under $5, Age 5 and under Free. This event will be held on the first and third Friday of each month going forward.

And the following week, on Thursday, June 22, the Club will begin its weekly Bingo. Held every Thursday, doors open at 5pm and the first game set starts at 6pm.

As a long-standing Waynedale organization, it is great to see the Southwest Conservation Club begin to stand on its feet again. They invite you to come celebrate their achievement of overcoming such a shocking event and support their efforts in conservation.

The Southwest Conservation Club is located at 5703 Bluffton Road. Founded in 1938, the club offers to its members 37 acres consisting of four ponds, trap & skeet fields, firearms range, archery course, a campground, hiking trail and the clubhouse. More information can be found online at www.southwestconservationclub.org or by calling (260) 747-4677.

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