The Waynedale Community Picnic Committee is gearing up for the 15th annual Waynedale Community Picnic on August 26, 2017. The picnic is a long-standing tradition in the community that boasts over 2,000 attendees each year. The picnic, held at Waynedale Park, is FREE to the public and would not be possible without sponsors and donors such as you!

There are a number of various sponsorship levels in which you or your company could lend a hand for the annual picnic. We currently have the following sponsorship types open: Overall Sponsor ($750 or more), Title Sponsor ($250 or more), Signage Sponsor ($50 or more), Vendor ($25 or more) and In-Kind Sponsor (call for details). Please visit www.waynedale.com/picnic for more detailed information about what each level of sponsorship includes.

The Waynedale News has lead the giving by recently placing an Overall Sponsorship and has stated, “We support the picnic because it’s a fantastic event and cause for the community, and we gave early to show our support and encourage other businesses to become involved in whatever caliber they can to support the community.”

No matter what the level of sponsorship, your support is vital to the success of this event year in and year out. We rely heavily on the support of local people and businesses from the community. There are many perks designed for our sponsors, but most importantly this is an impactful way to be part of a great community event and show your support for Waynedale.

Help us continue to bring a free day of fun, togetherness and community building to Waynedale. Please consider a sponsorship or donation to the Waynedale Community Picnic by our sponsorship deadline July 14, 2017 by 5pm.

The 15th Annual Waynedale Community Picnic is also in need of volunteers. This is a great opportunity to give back to the Waynedale community! There are many volunteers that have helped with the picnic since its inception 15 years ago. But, we have also pulled in many new volunteers from year to year. We are happy to host new members from the community who are looking to give back and get involved. Volunteers take part in a variety of ways throughout the day to help put on such a large-scale event. The Picnic is proud to be 100% supported by volunteers and local businesses.

For more information, inquiries about sponsorship, general questions, or if you are interested in volunteering please contact Event Coordinator, Megan Ryan at (260) 609-2897 or waynedalepicnic@gmail.com. Please also visit www.waynedale.com/picnic for more information.

Open to the public, the Waynedale Community Picnic is an entirely free family-friendly event that has been a long-standing tradition in the area, entertaining and feeding over 2,000 attendees yearly. The picnic includes a lunch and snacks, bingo, kids games, inflatable rides, live music, kids activities, a Science Exploration Tent, vendors and more.

As one of the largest yearly events in the area, the picnic has been an important event that builds togetherness and a sense of community for attendees.

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