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‘FOREVER FRIDAY’ – The Book Nook Review

Forever Friday
by Timothy Lewis
Waterbrook Press
282 pages

Adam Colby is a divorced estate-sale businessman. After watching twelve years of marriage go down the drain, he’s not sure he believes in love or God anymore. But through reading postcards found at one of his estate sales, Adam discovers the story of a life-long romance that might be able to help him find his way back.

The postcards explain how Gabe knows from the first day he meets Huck Huckabee that she will be the girl for him. After a whirlwind romance Gabe and Huck begin their new life as a married couple in 1920s Texas. Together they face life’s harsh realities and greatest joys. When Huck is feeling most discouraged, she knows she can rely on two things: the hope that is found in God and a postcard from her husband every Friday.

Lewis does a wonderful job of bringing his characters to life. He creates a story that is both beautiful and enthralling; with important lessons about faith and marriage woven throughout. Although the whirlwind romance is somewhat idealized, the story rings true overall.

High school girls and women of all ages will enjoy this book and appreciate the lessons about faith and relationships it offers. In a current era in which broken homes are becoming more prevalent, a message about lasting love and overcoming the challenges of marriage is extremely relevant. Forever Friday offers advice to those who are in a relationship or might be in one in the future, as well as offers hope to those struggling with relationships.

Rachel M. Pfeiffer is a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.