Local Opinion Editorials


by Nabeel Qureshi Zondervan
PB, 320 pages

In No God but One, Nabeel Qureshi takes the reader on a journey through the histories of Islam and Christianity with impressive clarity and focus. His words are refined in his experience of converting to Christianity from Islam while studying the verity of both faiths against the fires of history and logic. Starting with the basics, including passages in the Bible and lessons taught about Jesus by both faiths and historical records pertinent to this study, he discusses the main beliefs of each faith, their points of debate, and their philosophical diversities. Viewing Islam and Christianity through this lens, Qureshi is able to bring a deeper insight into the debates that separate and distinguish the two religions. Despite discussing incredibly complex theology and centuries of history, Qureshi is able to present his studies to all audiences in an understandable format.

No God but One helps to guide readers in building a stronger foundation for their faith through the study of church history and core theology. The in-depth overview of Islamic theology helps readers understand a religion that is often mentioned but rarely understood. Those looking to strengthen their ability to evangelize or defend their faith will find this book to be a useful resource.

Reviewed by Hanna Smith, a Professional Writing major at Taylor University.