Fort Wayne police want to warn citizens of a theft that continues to be perpetrated by a male theft suspect. Nearly a dozen incident reports, the suspect will approach victims under the pretense that he needs to use their phone, has been locked out of his house, or is looking for his grandmother’s home. He also will indicate that he is an athlete at one of the local high schools as a deception as well.

If allowed inside the suspect will normally ask for a glass of water and to use a bathroom, the whole time looking for purses, wallets, cell phones and credit cards to steal.

It is recommended that should anyone be approached by a male black in his 20s, short hair, 5’10’-6’ tall, slender build, very nice disposition, using one of the previously mention excuses to gain entry in to a home to deny him, or anyone for that matter, entry and to call Fort Wayne police immediately to report the incident.

We ask that citizens get a very thorough vehicle description and or license plate number, as well as the direction of travel along with the suspects clothing description.

Reports have been filed from the Waynedale neighborhoods and streets to include: Knightswood, New England Drive, Farnsworth, Winchester Road, Stafford Drive, Kekionga Drive, Laymeyer Drive, Aboite Center Road, etc.

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