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Hand drawn hand turkeys make for creative Thanksgiving decorations!Happy Thanksgiving!

As the big day nears, now is the time to plan a craft project everyone enjoys while the turkey cooks, the parade participants march or the football games progress.

Who hasn’t created a turkey simply by drawing around their hand, spreading their fingers to create the feathers and making a head out of their thumb? Draw in stick feet and a red wattle and Voila! A turkey is born.

Now hands come in all sizes and so do turkeys so pass out pieces of white card stock and let the fun begin!

After everyone is finished drawing and decorating their turkey card with color pencils, crayons, markers etc. they can write a Thanksgiving blessing or a reason to be thankful on the back. Take the cards, place them in a paper bag and let your guests pick one out to take home to remind them to be thankful all year long.

For a sewing or quilting group project cut out 10.5” x 10.5” pieces of various solid color fabrics. Set out light, medium and dark printed fabrics so depending on the background fabric color there is plenty to use for contrast. Everyone traces their hand on to a printed scrap and appliques it to the background cloth. Create the wattle out of felt and stitch it in place. Use a small button for the turkey’s eye, giving it a three-dimensional affect. Depending on the chosen fabrics the turkeys may look traditional, contemporary, funky, primitive etc. As we know… no two turkeys are identical in the real world either!

Once complete it can be sandwiched to make a hot pad (don’t use polyester batting!), add borders and make it into a wall hanging, or take them all and create a quilt.

If you do either of these projects, please email me photos so I can share them on the Born Again Quilts Facebook page.

In order to spend the four-day Thanksgiving weekend with our families, the family/locally owned Friendly Fox and Born Again Quilts will be closed the entire weekend. We welcome you to join us the first Saturday of December, when Born Again Quilts celebrates St. Nicholas, patron saint of children and merchants and you can enjoy the award-winning brunch at the Friendly Fox.

Lois Levihn is the owner of Born Again Quilts, 4005 South Wayne Ave. Contact her at bornagainquilts.com or 260-515-9446.

Lois Levihn

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