This will be the last week that the Waynedale Tornado Siren petitions will be available for the community to sign at various businesses around Waynedale. On September 1st the Waynedale Business Chamber will be collecting all of the petitions and will begin to work towards the next steps in completing our goal of improving the safety of our community.

The Waynedale community has been making noise around the city of Fort Wayne lately, and for good reason! The Waynedale Business Chamber started a petition in the beginning of July this year to help address concerns of safety or lack thereof. Since the start of this petition, we have received a lot of publicity including 2 newspapers, 3 TV news stations, a few area radio stations, and numerous websites, but we’ve received the most publicity from word-of-mouth spreading through the community. Ever since the start of this project we’ve had the chance to talk to many residents in the area and we have received a ton of support and positive feedback. Most of the people we have been given the chance to speak with, didn’t realize that there wasn’t an audible warning system in place until they heard about the petitions that are circulating. The chamber has been working closely with the city of Fort Wayne on a number of different projects including this petition and they have been accommodating with our concerns.

If you are interested in signing this petition you can find one at the following businesses; The Waynedale News, GMI Insurance Agency, American Legion Post 241, Midwest America Federal Credit Union, Sparkle Cleaners, Umber’s Do It Best Hardware, Kingston Residence, 1st Source Bank, Walgreens, Favory’s Auto and Hair Affair. You can also find the petition online at ‘’.

We are ecstatic to announce that we currently have over 1,000 signatures! We will be following up these petitions with a slew of fundraising efforts around the Waynedale area in order to achieve our goal of purchasing and placing a tornado siren within Waynedale. If you wish to donate you can drop-off donations at the Waynedale News office (2505 Lower Huntington Road). Every donation will carry us another step towards our goal!

The Waynedale Business Chamber’s (WBC) mission is to help promote prosperity and growth, as well as working to improve or maintain the environment and the overall well being of the community that we consider “Waynedale” with the goal to preserve its identity while further solidifying its future existence. By forming the WBC we have created a platform where your voice can be heard, and together we can make a difference!

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