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By Karen Kingsbury
Howard Books
HB, 310 pages

Jag and Aspyn are angels sent to earth with an important mission—protect the lives of Marcus Dillinger, Mary Catherine, and their friends. There is only a small chance their mission will be successful, and there will be a large price to pay if they fail.

Marcus Dillinger, a successful pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, wants to make a difference for God. With the help of his friends, Sami, Tyler, and Mary Catherine, Marcus converts a run-down building in Los Angeles into a youth center, despite threats from a local gang. However, when Marcus finds himself falling for Mary Catherine and the gang activity takes a dangerous turn, he realizes that he might need God in a way he has never considered before.

Mary Catherine is committed to living life to the fullest and serving God in everything she does. She has a passion for helping children in need, and is more than willing to help with the youth center. When Mary Catherine finds herself developing feelings for Marcus, she desperately tries to keep her heart in check. They can never be together for reasons she reveals only to her best friend Sami.

Kingsbury does an admirable job of connecting current issues with the characters’ struggles. She also offers a realistic portrayal of the circumstances while still making the plot intriguing.

Women and teen girls, especially those who enjoy the contemporary Christian romance genre, will enjoy this novel. Kingsbury explores issues that many people in this country are pondering. Although she touches on a good deal of heartache, Kingsbury makes sure the readers never forget the hope each person has in Jesus Christ.

Reviewer: Rachel M. Pfeiffer is a Professional Writing major at Taylor University and a freelance writer for The Aboite Independent.