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Through Waters Deep
by Sarah Sundin
Revell Publishers
PB, 368 pages

It is the year 1941, and America is on the brink of World War II. Naval Ensign Jim Avery encounters his childhood friend, Mary Sterling, now a shipyard secretary in Boston. A sabotage plot in the Navy Yard is discovered, and Jim and Mary must team up to catch the culprit. Along the way the two find romance, friendship, and betrayal in places they never would expect. Filled with intense drama, heart-wrenching romantic challenges, and detailed historical events, Sundin creates a wonderful tale of mystery, love, faith, and antiquity.

Through Waters Deep paints a picture of what life was back in America’s golden days through loveable and realistic characters. The book is filled with twists and turns, and always keeps the reader guessing what will happen next. Though the beginning is a bit slow, the story picks up after the first three chapters, and keeps the rolling thereafter. The characters’ prominent faith is woven into the intense climax, allowing for the reader to find peace with God in troubled times, just as the characters so.

Young adults, new adults and older adults, primarily females, will enjoy this story. Whenever the characters are put to the test, they turn to God for help. This allows an acceptance of faith to show through the writing. Through Waters Deep allows for both the characters and the reader to understand that God’s glory can be found even in the darkest of times.

REVIEWER: Chrysa Keenon is a Professional Writing major at Taylor University and a writer for the campus newspaper The Echo.