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Today is my birthday and believe it or not, the last time it was this warm was the year I was born, December 1952. While this weather is great for hanging up outdoor Christmas decorations it is not good for any of those live wreaths or live roping as they tend to dry up fast, especially if the wind is blowing. You could try to hydrate those greens by misting with a hose and a spray gun but like me, all those things are put away for the winter season. I guess you’ll just have to get the garden hose back out one more time but remember this, put it away when finished as the inevitable freezing weather will someday make an appearance.

Here’s an idea…while the hose is back out, water all of your shrubs and trees as they are supposed to go into the winter season on the damp side. If you do not water your hydrangeas, azaleas, holly, boxwoods and many of your other plants, they will most probably freeze and die.

And don’t forget to disconnect your garden hose from the house before a hard freeze as leaving it connected could be the cause of a burst water line in your basement or under your crawl space.

Also, I have always said that spring is the best time for cutting back any of your plants, especially roses but that if you waited until Thanksgiving it should be safe for cutting. Well this year is the exception! Waiting until Thanksgiving was suppose to be a time that would ensure that the weather would remain cold and that your plants would not want to re-sprout and grow. It has not gotten cold yet so any cutting back during the fall/winter season still needs to be put off until a time when you feel that winter has actually arrived for good.

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