Well, it’s Fall and time once again for Doc’s annual golf tournament to raise money for kids’ winter clothes. But the recent heavy rains have kinda wiped out his “golf course” on two adjoining farms and a patch of woods. But Doc is nothing if not creative.

“This year, boys,” he said, sitting down and flipping his cup upright at the Mule Barn truck stop’s philosophy counter, “we have to do something different to raise money for those coats.”

He kinda twinkled at us.

“An archery tournament,” he said.

“But Doc,” Bert said, “I believe I’m the only shooter in town.”

“True, Bert, true. That’s why you’re disqualified from winning any prize, and why we’re borrowing your bow and arrows.”

“You are?”

“Aren’t we?” Doc said.

“Well … I guess so.”

“Then that’s settled. See, we’ll have a cash prize that’ll be a portion of the entry fees. At least that’s how I have it figured. Give everyone … say … five shots and the highest score wins the money. What do you fellas think? Half the entry money for the prize?”

“Seems like an awful lot, Doc,” said Dud. “Maybe a tenth?”

“No … don’t think so, Dud. You see, I want a real incentive. I want everyone to enter. We have a number of kids without winter stuff and we need to fix that.”

“Half is too much.”

Doc twinkled again.

“Well … not with my unique scoring system it isn’t.”

They looked at him.

“We’ll be shooting at a paper cup at 75 yards, you see. And you have to hit it at least once to win.”

“But nobody will hit that, Doc.”


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