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Jesus in All Four Seasons
Dennis E. Hensley, PhD.
Bold Vision Books, 2015
256 pp.

Jesus in All Four Seasons by Dr. Dennis E. Hensley is the sequel to Jesus in the 9 to 5. A brand new genre of book has been created via this series called the “factvella”; part nonfiction, part fiction, but all compelling, inspirational and even practical.

Each section begins with personal and historical stories that offer hope and give viable advice. Gleaning from Doc’s experiences in Vietnam, in his professional career and personal life, the reader is drawn into the power of possibility. Themes like hard work, making the most of any situation, creativity and nurturing our dreams allow the reader the luxury of seeing beyond our circumstances by taking initiative.

The fiction element in each section has Jesus as the CEO of a company called Tree of Life Furnishings. Twelve executives mirror the twelve disciples. Bible stories come to life in the 21st century as we read how Jesus interacts with people in and out of His company. We recognize parables, people and events of the Bible and how it may play out in these times … A paralytic is healed, the prodigal son finds his way home, Tabitha is raised from the dead. The stories are all believable with scenarios realistic for today’s world.

This captivating book is for adults of all ages and stages; college grad, young parent, businessperson, or retired, the logic and practicum is timeless. Self-education, goals, developing a positive mental attitude and forgiving those who have failed us are a few of the values taught by a man who has lived them all. The biblical viewpoint of Jesus as our life coach is intriguing and draws the reader into God’s way of doing business in a cut-throat, me-centered world.

The classic book “The Little Engine That Could” is a favorite of Doc Hensley’s, and Jesus in All Four Seasons is a grown-up version with the added adult necessity of innovative how-to’s. Wisdom gleaned from his dad brought personal achievements that have been passed on to the reader. “Don’t look down when you’re walking on water”, “The power of positive productivity” and “Someone has to be first, why not me” are a glimpse of Doc’s practical, no-nonsense road to success.

The combination of realistic tips, like “find mentors” and “read voraciously” along with the concepts of what Jesus would do give the reader a push in the right direction with a spiritual element that adds depth and purpose.

The invention of the “factvella” is a gift for the reader who wants clear steps forward while being drawn into a world where Jesus gives purpose and has plans beyond what we could imagine.

Jesus in All Four Seasons leaves the reader with real-life solutions and hope for the future.

This book is reviewed by Lisa Folch who is a freelance writer, columnist and interviewer.