Waynedale History

Waynedale History Book To Be Released

abner elzey founder waynedaleThroughout its 82 year history, The Waynedale News has collected, recorded and archived historical information and photos. For the first time in Waynedale history, these records will soon be released (in 2015) to the public in the form of a printed book. The Waynedale History Book will cover topics including businesses, clubs & organizations, events and miscellaneous topics of interest pre-annexation to Fort Wayne. It is estimated that the book will be well-over 200 pages of Waynedale historical content. The book will be edited for accuracy by Waynedale News staff, local historians and community members and published by The Waynedale News.

The Waynedale History Book will be available for a “first look” presale purchase on waynedale.com. Those who sign-up for e-mail or cell phone (text) updates will have the first opportunity to reserve their copy of this limited run history book.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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