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JACK O’ – Schindler Sez

If you want to be just another face in the crowd…follow the path of least resistance.

Jack O’Lantern wears a smile,
But I can make him frown,
I take the smile off his face,
And turn it upside down.

He hasn’t very many teeth,
At least it so appears,
And teachers can’t pick him up,
Because he has no ears.

On Top
Last night my wife and I met a young married couple in their early thirties. After a short conversation, when the topic of children came up, I asked, “How many do you guys have?”
“Eight?” I countered somewhat surprised, since she was thin and in such good shape, that if she said none, I would have believed her.
Standing next to her husband, I said, “My god man,” sounds to me like you’re on top of things.”

The Real Killer
In 2011, 32,367 people were killed in car and truck (vehicle) crashes. Another 3.9 million were injured and 24 million vehicles damaged. In the same year, 12,664 murders were committed, 8,583 of them were by guns.
Another interesting statistic is that between 1899 and 2012, there have been 3,515,332 motor vehicle deaths in the United States. If you compare that to the 1,300,000 Americans killed in all the wars in U.S. history, I think it’s obvious that the real killer in modern society is not the gun, but the automobile.
Damn, I shouldn’t have pointed that out. Now the governmental incompetents, who can’t run to the bathroom without making a mess, will probably mandate that now we’ll all have to ride bicycles…excepting themselves, of course.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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