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If getting up and down from a chair or sofa is not as simple or safe as it used to be for a loved one, a power lift and recline chair may be a wonderful gift. Not only are lift chairs comfortable and practical, they provide safety for anyone finding it hard to get up without rocking forward to stand.

Selecting the right lift chair is important.

First, you must decide whether a single motor or dual motor chair has the needed features. A single motor chair offers both lift and recline features while a dual motor chair allows the footrest to move independent of the chair’s back. This “infinite position” feature lets you elevate your legs without fully reclining the back and allows the user to recline to both the zero-gravity position and the Trendelburg position (feet above the head).

Whichever model you select the chair must be properly sized. This is important because the larger the chair, the deeper the seat cushion. Choose a chair that is too big and your legs may not touch the floor when sitting straight up. Choose a model that is too small and the seat width will never be comfortable.

Also important is the covering. The fabric comes in several choices to match your décor and is very comfortable. However, many people prefer leather, which is available on some models.

For 12 years Jeff Siples, J Medical Equipment and Supplies, 2505 Lower Huntington Road in Waynedale has sold Golden Technologies Lift and Recline chairs because he feels they offer comfortable, reliable and durable equipment. “They make their chairs in Old Forge, PA and they display the American flag and “Proudly Made in America” logo in their literature,” Jeff proudly states.

A lift chair can make a great gift from you or the whole family. Stop in and look at fabric/Brisa samples and Jeff will assist you in selecting the correct equipment.

Jeff would like to thank the Waynedale Community for the support in his first year and hopes to grow the business in the following years. He would also like to invite you to stop in and say hi and browse his selection at his store at 2505 Lower Huntington Road, in Waynedale or give him a call at (260) 705-6139.

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