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I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our efforts to make flood protection improvements.

On February 19, the Board of Public Works approved a contract for the construction of a stormwater project to provide increased protection for properties on Fernwood Avenue, Dalevue Drive and Prairie Grove Drive. The area has experienced chronic flooding.

Crosby Excavating will be the contractor for the $422,000 project, which will begin this spring. The bid covers the construction of a larger capacity stormwater pipe, additional inlets in the area and the construction of an earthen berm to protect the neighborhood.

City Utilities and the Division of Public Works had been working with the Army Corp of Engineers to come up with a plan to address flooding in the area for more than 10 years. It was hoped that the project could receive federal funding, but with federal funds scarce and the area continuing to experience flood events, City Utilities moved forward with the design of a new 48-inch stormwater pipe and more inlets.

Last April, the Fernwood/Dalevue area received heavy flood damage once again and after surveying the area and meeting with residents, I directed staff members to begin working on the buyout of six homes prone to chronic flooding. All of these homes were in the flood zone. The buyouts were voluntary and last summer the owners of all six homes agreed to sell their properties to the City. Demolition of the six homes began in February.

The removal of the homes will create more green space, and the installation of the larger diameter pipe, additional inlets and earthen berm will give the area protection up to the 100-year flood stage.

In recent years, the City has moved forward with many flood control improvement projects, coupled with buyouts, throughout the community. More than 300 homes prone to flooding have been purchased in low-lying areas.
Thank you for working with us to make a meaningful difference in our community.

Tom Henry - Fort Wayne Mayor

A lifelong Fort Wayne resident, Mayor Thomas C. Henry is committed to public and community service. He was elected to his first term as Fort Wayne's Mayor November 6, 2007. Mayor Henry authors the "Message from the Mayor" column. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer